Redefining Performance

Riley Athletics is Seattle’s most results driven strength and conditioning facility.  We’re all about real coaching, real people, and real results.  Our highly trained and knowledgeable coaching staff are passionate about the fitness industry and helping you achieve your goals.

We’ve created an environment where you will get all the support and motivation you need to stay consistent and on track.  We genuinely care about each of our clients and view them like family.

Our selection of programs offer a high value service no matter what your budget.  We believe in creating programs that fit you (not just a one size fits all workout) and will meet you where you’re at.

We hold our clients accountable and dedicated through progress tracking/journals, body composition testing, movement evaluations, and periodized performance testing.  Depending on the individual, testing and tracking could include functional movement screens, success sessions, body composition testing, strength tests, and physical fitness challenges.

In addition to results driven programs, we value the significance of your experience.  We like to think you will look forward to your time with us as much as your favorite coffee shop or restaurant.  We hope you look forward to seeing your coaches but also enjoy the social support, energy, and relationships you build from all of our members.

Riley Athletics’ home, aka “The Rock,” is a 4,000 sq ft functional training facility that creates an awesome  environment to get results. With all the training tools and wide open floor space, including 2,500 sq ft of field turf was built for improved performance, in sport and life, ultimately creating a higher performing life in everything you do!