Have You Been Burned?

In the world of fitness, it’s an unfortunate irony that some of the most ambitious participants are the most likely to have gotten burned at some point.   We’re guessing a good number of readers have experienced something like this:

–  You’ve purchased some hyped piece of equipment or a DVD-based workout program that promised to be a solution to your goals.  But you soon discovered that the hyped equipment is truly a useless hunk of metal and plastic & that working out in front of a television just couldn’t provide the type of personal coaching or accountability you need.

–  Maybe you joined a bootcamp or training program thinking that they’re all basically the same, but only ended up getting hurt or crushed by workouts that served no purpose other than to push you to the point of being sick…with no regard to coaching you on proper exercise technique, or putting you in a atmosphere that will challenge you beyond your comfort zone without sending you to the physical therapist, etc…potentially causing you to give up completely on fitness.

– You bought a gym membership and were told you’d get all the help you’d need to to achieve your goals…but you soon found out that you got NO help unless you paid $75/hr for an arrogant, uneducated trainer who provided no fitness return on your investment.

We’ve heard stories from clients that range from the ridiculous to the truly appalling…and so we take it as our ethical obligation to channel your ambition to get you in the best shape of your life.  Your ambition is your greatest asset.  And we don’t take your ambition lightly.

– We don’t aim to simply crush you with our workouts.   It’s easy and mindless to work someone hard (“do burpees ’til you puke!”), but it’s hard to work them intelligently and safely.  Yes, our workouts are HARD.  Sometimes brutally so.  But, the difficulty is never an end-in-iteself.  We sweat the small details of programming to ensure you get a full-body workout that’s safe and delivers clear improvements to your health, well-being and overall lifestyle.

– We only recommend products and supplements that are useful & legitimately beneficial (and that we use ourselves).  And we’ll only offer what we consider the best on the market.

– Different clients have different needs, and we offer services to address as many fitness goals as possible.  But we’ll only recommend services that are consistent with client goals.

We’re honored to have such a remarkable group of clients and we take these ethical obligations seriously.  So, if  you or someone you know has been burned, hurt, frustrated or had their ambition manipulated/exploited, give us a try.  We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.  All you have to do is let us know your “I’ve been burned” story and we’ll make it right by giving you a (money back guarantee).