Holiday Transformation Challenge

Riley Athletics Fit For The Holidays

Fall Transformation Challenge!

Starts October 26th…


 Kick off the Holiday season by looking and feeling your absolute best!  Real results, Awesome workouts, Personalized nutrition, Accountability and Fun   


Kick-off meeting:

Wednesday,  October 25th at Riley Athletics

Join us on this 28 day challenge to look and feel your best! Enjoy the holidays by looking and feeling your best. We’ll address mindset, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and training to help you get quick results that you can maintain long term! Losing fat is just a bonus!

What would it mean to transform your body to the one you want and get you back to your best shape ever?

Who this is for:

  • Men/Women Who Are Looking To Feel Empowered And Not Only Look Great But Feel Awesome Both Inside And Out
  • Men/Women Who Are Committed To Setting Goals, Overcoming Obstacles, And Getting Results
  • Men/Women Who Are “Too Busy” But Want To Overcome Unhealthy Habits
  • Men/Women That Want To Be Held Accountable, Motivated, and Have Fun
  • Men/Women Who Want To Learn Lifestyle And Nutrition Strategies That Aren’t Complicated
  • Men/Women That Want To Feel Strong And Confident
  • Men/Women That Are Looking For A Challenging Yet Supportive Environment

Who this is NOT for:

  • Men/Women Who Don’t Care About Being Healthy As Long As They Are Skinny
  • Men/Women Who Are Not Committed to Results And Positive Change
  • Men/Women Who Think Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky
  • Men/Women Looking For A Quick Fix Or Magic Pill Instead of Putting In Hard Work
  • Men/Women Who Don’t Want To Surround Themselves With A Strong Support System
  • Men/Women Who Can’t Say No To Unhealthy Food Choices The Majority Of The Time

    Jim B lost over 24lbs in 6 weeks!

Join the 100’s of others who’ve had amazing experiences and transformations in our previous contests.

Transformation Challenge Rules and Information:

Program Options (Non-Members) – Call or email for more info and pricing!

Team Training Option 1

  • Unlimited Metabolic Strength Training/Boot Camp Workouts Per Week

Personal and Team Training Option 1

  • Unlimited Metabolic Strength Training/Boot Camp workouts per week
  • (1) Semi-Private Personal Training Workout per week.

“IN IT TO WIN IT” Personal and Team Training

  • Unlimited Metabolic Strength Training/Boot Camp workouts per week
  • (2) Semi-Private Personal Training Workouts per week

**Training times are based on availability and will most likely fill up fast**

What you get:  (included in all programs)

  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Done for you meal plans
  • Motivation and accountability from our coaches and participants
  • Accountability and lifestyle coaching group
  • Before, during and after body fat composition testing, weigh-ins, and pictures
  • Challenge and Performance Testing Workouts



It is our goal to turn you into the best possible YOU in only 28 days!

You will be pushed, motivated, inspired and most importantly held ACCOUNTABLE to reach your goal. The Riley Athletics fitness family, our coaches, and team of participants will be rooting for you and supporting you from the very first day all the way through day 28 and beyond. It all starts with setting a goal and creating a road map for success. You will work with the Riley Athletics coaches and team to determine where you want to go in 28 days. All that matters is that we set a goal and find a way to help you reach it! Once your goal is set it is time to let our coaches do their magic and create a program that we GUARANTEE will get you the results you want. This plan includes strength training, metabolic strength training, cardio, core, nutrition, recovery, lifestyle changes, and accountability. We will leave no stone unturned in your journey to live a higher performing lifestyle!

If you’re ready to take the challenge and want to look and feel your best this holiday season, just email us at We guarantee you will love everything about this challenge and we are dedicated to getting you awesome results!

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