Personal Training

Small group semi-private personal training is offered at multiple 1 hour time slots throughout the week.  Based on your fitness assesment and functional movement screen we design a program specifically for you.  This is a 100% individualized program and attention without the big price tag.  At Riley Athletics our semi-private training is offerend in groups of 2 – 5.  Each client will be coached through their individualized program in this small group setting.  Progressions and regressions will be applied based on the results of an initial one-on-one assessment and goal setting as well as regular progress checks.

These personalized programs are specially designed for each individual in a smaller and more intimate atmosphere. This training format provides a results oriented, highly personalized, and supportive environment that promotes success while having fun. If you are having an off day someone is there to pick you up. All our clients meet new people and friendships are built with their training partners. Riley Athletics makes training enjoyable and before you know it, you will discover you can do things you never thought possible.

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An all-around movement screening, the FMS is used to provide highly personalized assessments of your body prior to training to get more information on how you move. With this test, Kevin is able to pinpoint any physical limitations or asymmetries found in movement and strength – regardless of any present pain or injury – through different inherent movement patterns. This allows Kevin to then design an individual-specific plan that will help you, specifically, to grow in the best way possible.

Above, Kevin is testing all-around movement levels and limitations.




With his TPI certification, Kevin is able to assess each individual through a series of movement tests that will help to pinpoint any physical restrictions that might be holding you back. Generally a golf-specific screening, Kevin is able to assess the all types of bodies with his trained eye to uncover any physical restrictions. Understanding these limitations are key in devising a personalized program to grow strength, increase movement and develop greater athleticism for people of all ages and abilities.

Above, Kevin is taking Conor through a TPI screening to assess hip internal and external rotations and any limitations present.