Group Strength

Pure strength is fundamental to a life of fitness and sport.  It forms the basis for performance excellence, whether you’re a runner, a powerlifter, or a track & field athlete…but it’s also beneficial for everyday activities like hiking & moving heavy loads.  Also – quite simply – strength equals happiness.  Lifting heavy things induces a flood of beneficial hormones that build bone density, regulate body fat, improve mood & lift confidence.

Our strength and power classes are designed to get you strong in a practical, safe, and scientifically proven way.  And no fitness investment carries over into everyday life like pure strength.

Our coaches will work with you to perfect your technique in the squat, deadlift, bench/overhead presses, cleans & snatches (oly lifts are optional).  Beginners will start by using the Starting Strength program, and more experienced lifters can opt for us to draft a custom program. Strength classes are taught in small groups, ensuring you’ll get hands on attention.