Kevin Lantry

Kevin Lantry – NSCA-CSCS, TPI-CGFI, FMS, FRCms

As the director of personal training at Riley Athletics, Kevin assesses clients primarily using the FMS screen and creates a specific program built for each individuals needs and goals.  Our personal training clients demands range anywhere from a) sport specific training goals like running a marathon or golf specific strength and conditioning b) working with Physical Therapist’s to help bridge the gap of prehab/rehab clients either preparing for surgery or post physical therapy performance training c) improving body composition and weight loss, etc.

Kevin’s certifications:
National Strength and Conditioning Association
The Titlist Performance Institute
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

Functional Range Conditioning is a system to improve mobility, which is controllable range of motion. FRC has three main goals: mobility development, joint strength and body control.

Mobility development refers to the amount of active, useable motion that someone possesses. Kevin works to help you develop active control at both the short and end ranges of motion. With improving mobility and movement potential, Kevin will also use FRC to improve joint strength. Your joint integrity will improve with the exercises, helping you to gain better control of motion at each joint. The final component of FRC is gaining body control – using afferent information (information from your tissues to your brain ) to help improve the function of your nervous system. The more information your nervous system gets freely, internally, the better you’ll be able to reduce pain and injury, improve joint health and longevity and you’ll better enable yourself to move more freely and easily.

Kevin has been involved in athletics and sports his entire life.  He was an all-conference selection at Division II Mesa State College for baseball.  He has been training general population, weekend warriors, and middle school to professional level athletes for 8+ years.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Riley Athletics. By concentrating on proper form and technique, Kevin is able to assist his clients in achieving efficient and correct movement to maximize the performance of exercises and reduce injury.  Kevin’s specialties are improving mobility and stability, building strength and power, athletic development, and injury reduction.